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Fundamentals of Pet Care

Pet Sitting  around Phildelphia
Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about little puppies. (Please say no to puppy mill dogs..)
- Gene Hill -



When your dog, cat or other pet(s) needs relief and we commit ourselves to that task, it becomes our primary mission to follow through completely. Our business plan is simple and is based on quality not quantity. We have positioned ourselves over the last five years as a reliable provider pet sitting and dog walking services in the Philadelphia area. It has been our 'slow and steady' execution of one gig at a time mentality that is helping us forge strong ties with our Clients and their pets.


Flexibility is also another characteristic our Clients rely upon. Once we've done our initial 'meet and greet' in advance and we have taken all the notes necessary to do an impeccable job for your pet(s), we then become available on the 'on call' basis. You simply contact us at the main number and we'll get you pencilled in on the schedule.



Pets who stay at home are happier and healthier pets

Have you ever boarded your pet at a large kennel? Many dog owners have and oftentimes find out the hard way, that kennels aren't always what they purport to be. They can be noisy, stressful and even dangerous. If not maintained meticulously, it is an environment conducive to the transfer of illnesses, like kennel cough, as well as insect infestations like fleas. Just recently, a client of ours entrusted her pet to a renowned local kennel and when she came home from her trip, she got some real bad news - her Terrier had torn his ACL and no one knew what had happened. The operation cost her close to $3000.00, which the kennel's veterinary clinic was more than happy to provide!!

No, not all kennels are created equally but isn't it just better to leave your pet in the environment he or she is safe and familiar-your home? Isn't it just easier and safer to bring in a trustworthy, pet loving professional who provides timely pet care in the loving, respectful manner you would naturally want for your little character?


The most crucial tenet at Little Characters Pet Sitting

Our relationship with our Clients is symbiotic. When we do a good job for you and your pet, we ask that you reciprocate by taking a moment to write a good review for us on Google Places, Angie's List, Yelp or other social medium as a way of thanking us for a job well done. When this happens, our business is fortified and keeps our business a viable ongoing concern.




                 At Little Characters Pet Sitting, We love your pets!  


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